The Bound Yard, Hostel on an island

IKA, ADP, Wolfgang Tschapeller

Summer Term 2012 

Fig. 1 Abstract model, section of circuit with outgrowing sleeping units, clay
Fig. 2  Basketwork
Fig. 3  Site, 1:2000
Fig. 4 Napuka, French Polynesia

Napuka is an atoll within the Tuamotu archipelago , French Polynesia. On its highest point, the island reaches one meter over sea level.

The hostel offers living space for ten guests.

The ensemble is an accumulation of free standing pile dwellings, living and sleeping units, that are grouped around an inner court yard-

An intoverted organism, transparent to the outside.

Building material is clay consolidated palm wood.

Fig. 5 Collage, Details, construction stilt dwelling and clay consolidated basketwork
Fig. 7 Top view and section, 1:250
Fig. 8 Model, Photomontage, introverted structure grows out of riff
Fig. 9 Section Public Unit
Fig. 9 Section Living Unit

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