Anna Valentiny

Concept - Design - Production 

WRITING, DESIGN and the CURATION of thoughts through narration - These topics define the scope of my work today at the interface between EDITORIAL SERVICES, BOOK PUBLISHING, ART AND ARCHITECTURE.

Today, I develop projects from conception and design to the finished product, on my own for my publishing house and for my clients in Austria, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Short CV

  • Since 2023 Partner Valentiny hvp Architects

  • 2020 Founder of Point Nemo Publishing

  • 2018 Master of Architecture with distinction
    Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 

  • since 2017  Chief Editor ADATO 

  • 2016 Internship archithese, Zürich, CH 

  • 2015 Bachelor of Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

  • 2014 Sculpture Class,  Summer Academy Salzburg, Prof. Peter Niedertscheider

  • 2013/2014  Scenography Class, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna  (Prof.  Anna Viebrock)

  • 2009 Internship  Luxemburger  Wort, LU