ARK, Park on Kettenbrückengasse       (1040)

IKA, ESC, Peter Leeb

Summer Term 2013

The park refers to the covered Wienfluss flowing below the concrete cover of Kettenbückengasse.

In the proposel, the riverbed is reconstructed as walkable shell above ground.

On places where adjoining streets meet the structure, it reacts by cuttings that serve as accesses leading up into the shell.

Metal baskets planked with COR-TEN steel boards form the construction. Climbing plants cover the shell.

The ensemble of terraces is isolated from the city noises.


Fig. 6  Unifying material highlights the shared space of former street, park and adjoining square
Fig. 1 Impulsive Model, Structure orientates towards  	neighboring streets
Fig.4 Photocollages, reconstructed riverbed, terraces form hillsides,  refuge from city noise
Fig. 2  Structure Slots form entrances
Fig. 7 Sketch, Passage beneath shell,  pencil on paper
Fig. 8 Profile
Fig. 9 Structure Slots form entrances

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