Hortus Alienum, Scenographies of Nobody's Voyage

Master Thesis Project, Advisor: Wolfgang Tschapeller

Summer 2018

Hortus Alienum – Scenographies Of Nobody's Voyage is a collaged terminology which sets the garden, maybe even paradise and Berthold Brechts alienation effect (dt. Verfremdungseffekt) into relation. The themed ground of the park landscape is a translation of the the central Dalmatian coastline and its offshore islands that I develop landscape designs and architectural interventions on and between and set them thereby into relation. The narration which the estrangement device Hortus Alienum is built to house, to satisfy is a modern Odyssey – Nobody's Voyage (a script written by me). The protagonist of Hortus Alienum is called Nobody, translated from the Greek Outis, a minimization of Homers Ulysses and I'll let him start his show. Dear audience, you've got from now on 10 minutes to move through Nobody's Experience in Hortus Alienum. You' ll see extracts of a play in four acts on four sites forming in their ensemble the estrangement device of Hortus Alienum. Enjoy a lot but don’t forget about the schedule, about the short time you've got for a play that’s way to long to taste it all...

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