Anna Valentiny earned a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2018. Her thesis project, “Hortus Alienum – Scenographies of Nobody's Voyage”, can be read as the culmination of her overlapping interests in writing, design and the curation of thoughts through narration. 

Before her appointment to the editorial board of ADATO in 2017, Anna worked for the Zürich-based architecture magazine archithese. Her most recent endeavor, Point Nemo Publishing, was launched in March of 2020. Anna lives and works in Luxembourg, Brussels and Vienna.



2020 Founder of Point Nemo Publishing

Since 2018 Architect at Valentiny hvp Architects

2018 Master of Architecture with distinction, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna,

Prof. Wolfgang Tschapeller & Prof. Dr. August Sarnitz

since 2017  Chief Editor ADATO 

2016/2017 Study Assistant, Photography and Publications,

IKA, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2016 Internship archithese, Zürich, CH 

2015 Bachelor of Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2014 Sculpture Class,  Summer Academy Salzburg, Prof. Peter Niedertscheider

2013/2014  Scenography Class, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna  (Prof.  Anna Viebrock)

2009 Internship  Luxemburger  Wort, LU

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